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Clean Web Design

If you want a web design that is simple and functional you want a clean web design. A clean web design is likely to be successful. Out of all the website designs you can choose from the clean web design has the most likely rate of being received well by the largest audience of users.

When referring to a clean web design people often think about minimalism. In reality clean web design has nothing to do with minimalism, it just focuses on the aesthetic appearance of the page. Just because a web design is clean, doesn’t mean it has to be minimalist.

When it comes to a clean web design less is more. You want to avoid your web page being cluttered at all costs. This is true for both content and graphical elements.

You want to use white space as much as you can in order to create relief zones and to provide contrast for the design elements and the written content. This will help the user locate exactly what he or she is looking for on the web page, which means you won’t have a high bounce rate.

You want the graphical elements that you use to be noticeable and to do their job on the page. If you don’t do this the website will be perceived by the visitor as a blank sheet of paper. You want to direct the visitors attention to the places where you want it by using a few noticeable website graphics.

Usability is one of the first things you need to consider when you are creating a website. A clean website design makes the users experience navigating the website more pleasant. When a website desgn is clean it makes it easier to locate the important content like the navigation bar, social media icons and other elements that are popular with users.

In addition to limiting the amount of graphics you have on your site you also want to limit the amount of color you use on your website. It can be very easy to go crazy with color. Ideally you want to limit your color scheme to a few subtle shades. Using two or three colors won’t be distracting to users.

Keeping your web page clean improves the user experience. It makes it more accessible to a variety of users. The easier you site is to use the more users will come back to use it.